A plot with gentle terrain and all the necessary paperwork, including a Roll (land registration document) and the feasibility of potable water, electricity, and irrigation. This plot is located in an exclusive gated community in the Puangue area of the Melipilla commune, in the Metropolitan Region. The community has organized neighbors and is in a well-established neighborhood with nearby healthcare services and commerce. It is just a 15-minute drive from Melipilla, 20 minutes from the coast, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Santiago, and has direct access to Highway 78.

Situated within a beautiful gated community with an electric gate and organized neighbors, this plot is conveniently located close to shops and schools.

This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY, with all the paperwork up to date and the possibility of an immediate transfer.


Flat half-hectare plots with land registration (Rol), potable water, electricity, and irrigation. Located in an exclusive development in the El Manzano area of the Las Cabras commune, VI Region. This well-established neighborhood has healthcare services and nearby commerce, just minutes away from Lake Rapel. Additionally, there is a project for a direct exit to Route 5 South, which currently has access to the Fruit Highway. It's a 2-hour drive from Santiago and 40 minutes from Melipilla.

These plots are situated in a beautiful development with a gate, organized neighbors, and proximity to commerce and schools.

This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY, with all the paperwork up to date and the possibility of an immediate transfer.

  • PRICE: $49,000,000. Cash, mortgage, and similar payment proposals are welcome. 2% brokerage fee.

  • For more details and to schedule a visit, please contact us via WhatsApp at the mobile number +569 94700044.


BEAUTIFUL SITE WITH 35 METERS OF LAKE EDGE:- Property located in exclusive PUNTA DEL SOL CONDOMINIUM with controlled access, marina, common areas, very organized neighbors, guards and accredited cell phone access. With a large 35-meter beach, in a beautiful setting in a very quiet sector. MEASUREMENTS: 20 meters of front, 35 meters of lake, 40 meters long (approximate and depending on the tide). APPROX SURFACE: 860 m2. SERVICES: Drinking water installed and electricity. Close to Marina golf, Las Cabras, El Manzano among others. for complete rest and recreation in an area of ​​high added value. Excellent connectivity with highways, internet signal, mobile phones and telephony. Private environment, nearby heliports and airfields, nearby Carabineros barracks, Club & Pier. Park and common areas of exclusive access owners. 

VALUE: CLP $220,000,000 - US$ 251.716,25

     * Proposals are heard. 

* VISITS AND INFORMATION at +56994700044 * Broker Commission



Flat plot of half a hectare, located in the exclusive Parcelación Santa Julia de Melipilla, a consolidated neighborhood immediately to the center of Melipilla and with a future direct exit to Autopista del Sol, exit to Route 68, one hour from Santiago and twenty minutes from the coast.

Located in a beautiful subdivision neighborhood, with an automatic gate, organized neighbors and limited access, shops and first-class schools. clinics and hospitals, with electricity and water at the door.

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY with papers up to date and immediate transfer.

* VALUE $ 120,000,000  -  US$ 137.299,77

*broker commission

* Request a visit or video to the whatsapp phone +56994700044


LAND WITH DEEP WELL, TERRACE AND ROADS MADE TO BUILD: Due to job change, a plot of 5000 m2 (half a hectare) with terrace and road is for sale ready to arrive and build. Includes: 

* Deep well of 45 meters with plenty of drinking water and starter.

 * Fenced land * Condominium plot with controlled access. 

* Quiet and organized neighborhood 

* Located in Bosques de Santa Cecilia, 12 minutes from the city of Melipilla; just over an hour from Santiago; 30 Rappelling, 50 Christmas, etc. * Metrotren and new hospital under construction (2 years) * Health center, schools and varied immediate commerce. * Role and papers up to date for immediate transfer.


CLP $52,000,000 - US$59.496,57              

 (proposals are heard) Broker commission                Visits and info to WhatsApp +56994700044


LAND WITH ROLE BELLA VISTA 4700 M2.- Plot with a beautiful view of almost half a hectare with a slope of 15% approx, located in Parcelación El Sauce de San Pedro Melipilla, a consolidated neighborhood 20 minutes from Melipilla, Hora and 20 from Santiago and with direct access to Autopista del Sol, thirty minutes from the Christmas coast.

Located in a beautiful subdivision valley, with an automatic gate and access cameras, organized neighbors and controlled access, shops and schools. health centers, with light and water feasibility with APR project in progress.

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY with papers up to date, with a mark for a deep well already identified and immediate transfer.

* VALUE US$ 34.650  - CLP $32,500,000 aprox and broker commission

* Request a visit or video to the whatsapp phone +56994700044



Beautiful plot with forest in the "comillas de Pichilemu)" sector of dry coastal type, with underground water table, feasibility of electricity and drinking water in the sector, 70% gentle hills with views of the valley, 30% flat and excellent connectivity to Punta Lobos and Pichilemu.

PROJECT IN PROGRESS: Planimetry of architecture with cabins, hostel, parking, water solution, sewage and more. Special for investors or lifestyle. Good neighborhood and organized neighbors, commerce, schools and health nearby. Papers up to date.

CLP $88,000,000 - US$ 100.686,50 (2% broker commission)

Let's coordinate a visit and choose to live well! +56994700044


BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY LAND WITH ESTUARY EDGE OF 4.3 HECTARES. Abundant groundwater, electricity at the door, feasibility of drinking water, adjoining a paved road and excellent connectivity with the Villa Alegre, Bollenar and Melipilla roads. Fenced, organized neighbors, commerce, schools and health nearby. Special for family project and investors.

Located 10 minutes from Melipilla in the Rumay sector, 1 hour from Santiago and the airport, 1 hour 15 minutes from Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, between Route 68 and 78, etc.

Value CLP $250,000,000 - US$ 286.041,19

Broker commission of 2%. Visits to WhatsApp +56994700044


BEAUTIFUL HOUSE FOR SALE WITH LAGOON AND REPLICA OF SALON CHILOTE IN MELIPILLA CHILE: Beautiful house on a 17-hectare plot, which includes: 5-bedroom house with barbecue area and terrace with a beautiful view, swimming pool, park-like gardens, navigable and expandable lagoon. Beautiful replica of a Chilote living room made of native woods, 10 stables and a cabin for visitors, wine cellars, game rooms, barbecue, barbecue and extensive gardens. With millions of liters of water daily (no shifts). Located 20 minutes from Melipilla, 30 minutes from the coast and just over an hour from Santiago de Chile airport.

VALUE CLP $1,300,000,000 - US1.487.414,19  (proposals are heard)

* Broker commission 2% * Offers are heard * Visits and information at +56994700044


BEAUTIFUL PROPERTIES OF 30 HECTARES WITH A HOUSE, SWIMMING POOL AND 2 CABINS: Land of 30 hectares with 3 houses, deep well for drinking water. Located 1.30 hours from Santiago airport, 1 hour 15 from Santiago, one hour from Matanza, 30 minutes from Lake Rapel and 2 hours from Pichilemu and 15 minutes from the city of Melipilla. Ideal for tourist project and undertakings of different areas,.

CASONA 1: with 400 square meters built, 6 spacious bedrooms with bathrooms en suite each, large kitchen, barbecue area with barbecue, oven, grills, etc. Terrace, beautiful surroundings, fruit trees and escrelofilo forest, swimming pool with deckchairs, games, etc.

CABIN 2: Tourist cabin with Hot Tube, 1 bedroom with double bed, terrace, independent, equipped and with a beautiful natural environment.

CABAÑA 3 (in completion): House of 80 square meters approx, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, natural pool with rocks and spring water, sclerophyllous forest and beautiful view.

VALUE: CLP $650,000,000 - US743.707,09 - 2% broker commission

Visits and more information to Cel WhatsApp +56994700044